News and Updates

BBC EARTHWood Wide Web : The Galaxy Beneath Our Feet

A video short by BBC Earth, spotlighting the work of Dr. Mark Anthony (Dr. Colin Averill's postdoctoral researcher and close collaborator) who discusses the function, importance, and sheer magnitude of forest fungal networks. 

TIME MAGAZINEWhy Some Mushrooms May Be Magic for Climate Change

Coverage of Dr. Colin Averill’s seminal 2014 analysis in Nature showing particularly which mycorrhizal fungi trees partner with is linked to major differences in soil carbon storage across the world.

THE GLOBAL LANDSCAPES FORUMCan soil inoculation accelerate carbon sequestration in forests?

Interview with Dr. Colin Averill and other soil ecologists on the potential for soil microbiome restoration to transform ecosystem restoration practice.

GLOBAL SOIL BIODIVERSITY INITIATIVESoil biodiversity and the stabilisation of carbon in soil

Dr. Colin Averill presents at the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative Webinar Series on emerging links between the soil microbiome and forest health.

FORBESClimate Catalysts: Fantastic Fungi

Dr. Colin Averill speaks to how soil microbiome restoration can introduce beneficial fungi, accelerating tree growth and carbon capture rates.

PNASGlobal imprint of mycorrhizal fungi on whole-plant nutrient economics

Dr. Colin Averill documents how the predominant forms of tree mycorrhizal symbiosis are linked to the evolution different plant nutrient strategies across the planet.

SCIENCEThe global soil community and its influence on biogeochemistry

Founder Dr. Averill and his colleagues synthesize over a decade of research showing how the soil microbiome - which fungal and bacterial species live where - is an important control of ecosystem carbon capture and storage.